Playtrip: the mobile app
that turns you
into the main character

Playtrip: the mobile app
that turns you into the main character

The mobile app for travelers and travel writers

Start your trip, Play your story!

Playtrip is an ambitious project related to the publishing industry: our goal is to renew the classical travel mobile app and push it towards a new level of engagement.

Playtrip: the mobile app for travelers and travel writers

There are many app for travel and promotion of a territory. The majority of them, though, merely provide information, effectively becoming an interactive tourist guide. The goal of this type of guides is just functional; these are not produced for creating emotions but merely for providing useful information.

The best tourist guide app is and always will be just a consultation tool. For a traveler this is not enough; when you travel you are looking for emotions, not just for the best restaurant.

That is the reason why amongst the most successful books we always find the travel storytelling: titles such as (In Patagonia) by Bruce Chatwin, “In a Sunburned Country” by Bill Bryson, “Seven ages of Paris” by Alistair Horne, and many, many other.

Playtrip wants to combine these two complementary aspects of travel publishing in one interactive tool able to:

Convey emotion of the travel through a multimedia narrative strategy (digital storytelling);

Provide value information and practical guidance of the itinerary
Playtrip also enables storytellers to try a new platform that is able to provide more creative opportunities compared to paper book or travel blog.

Playtrip: beyond the classical travel app

Ecco come funziona Playtrip:

The storyteller creates the story

Playtrip authors (storytellers) create a story related to an itinerary and upload it on the editorial platform from their pc; the staff check it and, once it is approved, it is uploaded in the library of the mobile app.

The user chooses his story

The Playtrip users chooses his story inside the library, browsing among different categories: Art; History; Mystery and adventure; Nature, Literature and Movies; Food & Wine, Science, Characters.

Simple and safe purchase

Once a favorite story is selected, the user directly purchases a Playtrip points package (PTP) through the mobile app, which enables to unblock the story and experience it on a personal mobile device.

Between travel app and gaming

The story previously selected will lead user to discover the itinerary through an original story that does not just provide information but actively engages him through interactions and invitations to make determined actions for completing the itinerary and increasing the score, similarly to videogames (gamification).

Income for the storyteller, the storyteller’s earning model

For every single purchase Playtrip rewards the storyteller with a revenue’s share, based upon an established and agreed percentage as it is commonly used in the paper publishing industry.

An opportunity for businesses

Businesses of tourist field and territorial promotion, can get in touch with Playtrip for mobile marketing initiatives or for gaining visibility through the mobile app.

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