Playtrip: the travel mobile app
that redefines tourism

Who are the users of the Playtrip travel app?

They are curious persons, keen to try new travel experiences, attracted to particular destinations, especially if these are not influenced by mass tourism;

They love to discover new aspects of their hometown; they consider themselves “tourist” even right in the next block!

They normally use mobile app for making purchases, mobility as well as booking flights or hotels, therefore travel app too;

They are willing to share pictures of their trips or experiences through social media, particularly on Instagram.
Do you picture yourself in any of these characteristics? If yes, you are ready to join the Playtrip community

How does Playtrip works for users?

To get started with Playtrip it is sufficient to download it for free from the Apple Store or Google Play; Playtrip in fact will be available in both iOS and Android versions. Once the app is downloaded, it will be required the creation of a user account; alternatively, it is possible to login through your own Facebook or Instagram profile;

Playtrip owns an entire library of stories related to specific itineraries; you can choose your favorite by browsing among the various categories. You can also set research filters or ask the app to automatically filter stories based on your geographical location. Once your story has been picked, you can purchase it through the app. The purchase transactions are safe and reliable thanks to a secure method of payment, Paypal;

Playtrip stories unfold on a specific itinerary which has to be completed in order to follow the progress of the stories! Through the app you will be able to access exclusive multimedia contents which will allow you to make new discoveries, provide useful information and will actively engage through call-to-action;

By completing the stories or some actions, you will score PTP which can be used to purchase new stories or to unlock contents within;

Playtrip is also an augmented reality mobile app: together with multimedia contents that you will encounter in the stories there will also be augmented reality objects that will immerge you into an even more interesting travel experience!

Through Playtrip you will share your experience’s pictures and publish them on Instagram, hence to let your friend and followers to chase your adventure!

What does make Playtrip’s experience so special?

It does not just provide information but also engages users to take specific actions;

It includes both multimedia and augmented reality contents;

It effectively combines the convenience of a tourist guide app and the emotion of travel story.
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