Playtrip: The visual storytelling mobile app

Playtrip: The visual storytelling mobile app

Playtrip: the digital company behind the mobile app

Playtrip is more than just a visual storytelling mobile app: it is a company founded in Canton Ticino.

It is composed by a consolidated team of professional individuals with additional experiences in marketing projects management, digital communication and mobile application with native-code development.

Playtrip aims to become a successful publishing company, dynamic and up to technology’s pace, henceforth able to provide innovative solutions in the production and distribution of multimedia contents.

Playtrip aims to a worldwide expansion: we keep on addressing to an ever wider and variegated audience. Our final goal? Turn our visual storytelling mobile app in a new and popular travel trend.

Our mission is threefold:

Create a tool which is able to provide a new and more engaging travel experience based on both visual storytelling and travel storytelling principles.

Provide a new narrative multimedia editorial platform able to open new creativity ways for writers, photographers, videomakers, in one simple word: storytellers.

Provide businesses a new communication and promotion channel able to enhancing territory and local businesses.
  • Founder Playtrip

    Professional in the tourism and commercial field. After finishing his studies at the SSAT of Bellinzona, in 2015, he begun a long journey during which he had the opportunity to establish a solid relation with Stefano D’Albora, co-founder of Playtrip, with whom succeeded in transforming an ambitious project in a real company. Passionate of movies [...]
    Matteo Scarpellini
    Founder Playtrip
  • Founder Playtrip

    At first Stefano studies Economy & Business, subsequently works for 4 years as administration manager for two companies in Ticino. During this period, he undergoes a training for hotel management which allows him to develop further the knowledges of the field, while working in different countries (Germany, France, Italy). In 2014 he followed a project [...]
    Stefano D'Albora
    Founder Playtrip

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