Playtrip: the mobile app
for corporate storytelling

Which realities can take advantage from Playtrip corporate storytelling? And how?

Playtrip mainly addresses to tourism entities, territorial promotional agencies, museums, natural and archeological parks, tourism communication agencies, but also all the businesses related to the tourism industry: tour operator, transportation companies, hotels, bed and breakfast, holiday homes, businesses of food service field;

To these and many other players Playtrip provides an innovative communication and corporate promotion channel: it exploits the principles of mobile marketing storytelling allowing to reach a specific user targeted segment and truly active in the involved territory;

Playtrip provides different services to companies in order to make them gain visibility: from advertising to notifications, up to the development of stories on commission, specifically created for a particular company in accordance with the principles of the corporate storytelling;

Thanks to Playtrip, investors will obtain data and statistics of user’s behavior which will allow to calculate the return of investment and will provide important information to drive the next promotional activities (mobile marketing and more).
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The Playtrip advantages for corporate storytelling and businesses related to tourist field

It provides an innovative communication channel, it does not just provide information to users but also engage them actively with a series of actions (gamification marketing);

It allows better tracking of mobile marketing initiatives, which will be easily analyzed and compared to other data;

It can effectively be used in complementarity with other communication campaigns (ex. Video production; product placement);

The company can count on the support of the internal team of Playtrip: editorial writing, mobile development, professionals of web and mobile marketing strategies.
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