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Who are the storytellers of the travel app Playtrip?

The “storytellers” are authors who create the stories of Playtrip; inspired and curious people, they love to try new creative processes;

They love to write but they also know other communication languages such as photography, videomaking, design, music, they were born with the multimedia language and the hypertext;

They love co-working with other creative minds, photographers, videomakers, academics, in accordance with the Digital Storytelling principles; by creating a multidisciplinary environment;

They are travel bloggers and instagramers, food bloggers and fantasy writers, they do not like to be labelled because this limits their creativity!
All the storytellers’ work is based on Digital Storytelling principles. Would you like to better understand what it is and how to do storytelling? Go to the dedicated page

How does a Playtrip storyteller works?

He reads on reliable and credible sources, that will be inserted at the end of the story;

He creates the story by linking it to a specific itinerary divided in point of interests (POI) which correspond to the narrative unities of the story;

He follows the guidelines of “Guide for storytellers” provided by Playtrip: for any doubts on how to fully exploit the potentials of the visual storytelling mobile app, the staff is always at your complete disposal!

He uploads the story in the Playtrip platform, comfortably from his own pc; the accesses are provided by the staff; together with the story he also uploads all the multimedia contents (pictures, videos, ecc). Once the loading is completed, he saves it for the check;

Once the story is approved it is uploaded on the Playtrip library; every storyteller owns a profile inside the library!

The relation with storytellers bases on assignment of copyrights; from every single purchase of the story done by users, Playtrip rewards a percentage to the storyteller. The best storytellers could be selected also for mandatory project which will be evaluated and paid basing on their complexity.

Playtrip advantages for storytellers

Playtrip is both an editorial platform for publishing stories and an online store in which the contents can be purchased and experienced;

Enable to experiment new expressive ways, which go beyond the writing so to embrace a multimedia creative level;

Offers the opportunity to translate one’s own passion in an income; an opportunity that comes when the classical publishing industry is going through a crisis period.
Would you like to become the next storyteller of Playtrip? Send us your application through the form here below; we’ll send you detailed information
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